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support_mervin's Journal

A community helping to raise money for a friend in need

Support Das Mervin
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A Community Devoted to Thinking Das_Mervin is Awesome
If you know Das_Mervin, then you are familiar with her sporkings, her deep and abiding hatred of Twilight, her "Mervin Reads" and "Hate it For the Right Reasons" audio posts, her awesome spitefics (co-written sometimes by her equally awesome sister Mrs. Hyde) and her wonderful sense of humor. Also her cats.

As of right now, this is a very quiet community that I am using to host a little celebration in honor of Madame Mervin's successful recapping of the entire Twilight "Saga." If you follow her stuff on das_sporking, you will know what I'm talking about. Read the most recent post for more information!

We are no longer accepting donations here, but V-Gifts are always welcome for any reason.
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