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Spreading the word
kermit_thefrog wrote in support_mervin

Hi everybody!

I have alerted zelda_queen , quicksilvermad  and gehayi to the existence of this community. So far, Z and Q have been great and promised to keep this under wraps from Mervin till July 1st, when I plan to reveal this comm to her.


You may be wondering "Why isn't it a secret till July 25?" Well, because I am hoping to have at least a little to show for donations/support on this comm by the time July rolls around. And I just can't wait that long to let Merv know that we all love her and will do anything we can to help her out.

BUT. That still means I don't want one word of this getting back to her before then! Get it? Got it? Good.

I also have to make my own donation to the Mervin Fund. I plan to do so before the week is out. Money's been a little tight for me in the past two weeks, but I can safely donate something this time around.

I'll be sending invites to people this week and next. Please feel free to share these invites with anyone you can think of! Promotion is good!

Love, Kermit



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