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kermit_thefrog wrote in support_mervin
 Hello everyone! Welcome to the community dedicated to helping our mutual friend Das Mervin, known to most as just Mervin. 

I have known Mervin since college, when I began commenting delightedly on her Ariana Black sporkings that she did with Mrs. Hyde. Their combined senses of humor and timing always made my day and distracted me from the hideousness of the Sue in question, and soon after, Mervin and I began YMing with each other. We've been doing so ever since, and occasionally I call her up and say hello. She is a wonderful, sweet person who always makes me laugh, and since she has discovered/fallen hard for Supernatural, now we have even more to talk about.

As you know, if you follow her LJ, Mervin has been having some unsettling heart trouble lately. Since she has no insurance, she's staring down the barrel of a VERY pricey cardiogram. I felt terrible for her when she discussed how expensive even a "steal" can be (about $2500) and I decided to Do Something About It.

So I created a ChipIn at the advice of a friend. is very simply a site where anyone can go and create a donation bar in the name of whatever custom-made cause they choose. Need a new car? Create a ChipIn! Dental bills? ChipIn! Money for a family member or friend in need? You see where I'm going with this.

Here is the link to the ChipIn I have made for her: 

All the money donated goes to my PayPal account, which I will not access until July 25, which is the day the fundraising ends. Every bit of the money raised, even if it's not a full $2500, goes to her. This is completely legitimate and scam-free. On my honor as Mervin's friend and big-time fan of her overall existence, I promise not a penny of this goes towards any personal gain of my own. Mervin needs it more.

So please, visit ChipIn and donate as much or as little as you want! You can even donate multiple times if you like. And spread the word about this most worthy cause!

Also, while you're here, feel free to send good wishes of any kind to Mervin in this time of difficulty!

We have till July 25, people! Let's make every day count.

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I think something might be screwy with that link. O_o Every time I click on it, Firefox can't pull up the page.

I see what you mean (using Firefox on a library computer.)

I checked the site, and it's minimum requirements for browser viewing are Firefox 1.0 and up. That's all the help it was. I was able to get to just fine.

Do you have another browser you could use?

If this keeps on being an issue for Firefox users, I'll post a link directly to my PayPal.

Yeah, I have another browser. I just wasn't sure if it was just my computer or not. ^^;

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