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Mervin has been stricken with strep!
kermit_thefrog wrote in support_mervin
I know this comm has been very quiet lately, and that's no big deal. Everyone has their stuff to do, and I just moved into a new place last weekend, so lord knows I've been busy too!

But now poor Mervin is sick with the evils of strep. I'm IMing with her now, and she's on Nyquil and her responses are consequently rather slow, so I thought I'd take the time to update here and urge a few people to help her feel better! Needless to say, no money is needed in this case, but anything along the lines of well-wishes would be greatly appreciated.

I offered to write her fic. I've had a Girl!Dean fic bubbling away in my head for a couple of days and I am having LOTS of fun with it. I will see where it leads me!

Here's hoping Merv gets better quickly! And that PJ and Buzz help to speed her recovery.


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