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Mervin can has insurance!
kermit_thefrog wrote in support_mervin
Okay, so anyone who has read Merv's latest post knows that she's taking advantage of COBRA health insurance, which would give her an 18-month window of insured opportunity to get herself checked out once she gets a job. HURRAY!

Which means our ChipIn/donations are kinda redundant at this point.


BUT. I will keep the ChipIn running until July 25, just in case anyone feels like donating. Needless to say, it's not nearly as crucial as before, but if anyone wants to make a monetary contribution in spite of this news, I see no reason to dissuade them. A little will still go a long way, and Mervin can use whatever funds raised however she likes. In this case, it will probably just be a bonus.

The comm will remain open, of course, because this is still a place to support Mervin throughout her journey toward better health.

So. Just letting everyone know how things stand--the donation remains completely optional/less critical than before. Feel free to contribute in whatever way, shape or form you choose. We are all here to give Mervin our love, after all, and you can't put a price on that.

Kermit out!


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