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Mervin has been stricken with strep!
I know this comm has been very quiet lately, and that's no big deal. Everyone has their stuff to do, and I just moved into a new place last weekend, so lord knows I've been busy too!

But now poor Mervin is sick with the evils of strep. I'm IMing with her now, and she's on Nyquil and her responses are consequently rather slow, so I thought I'd take the time to update here and urge a few people to help her feel better! Needless to say, no money is needed in this case, but anything along the lines of well-wishes would be greatly appreciated.

I offered to write her fic. I've had a Girl!Dean fic bubbling away in my head for a couple of days and I am having LOTS of fun with it. I will see where it leads me!

Here's hoping Merv gets better quickly! And that PJ and Buzz help to speed her recovery.

*waves shyly to comm*
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Just popping in for a brief fail report. After all, nothing warms the heart and puts pep in the step more than tearing the Twilight series (It's not a saga, and they can't make me say it is) a new one!

CAPSLOCK Watch in Effect:
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Heart Day!

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Today is Mervin's long-awaited cardiogram! Let's all keep her in our thoughts/send her kind words.

Also, here's the incomparable Janis Joplin and "Damn Yankees" for some light relief.

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Checking in!
Hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth of July (if you live in the States, that is!)

Also hoping that this comm has not been completely abandoned. I know I've been busy--RL has been demanding my attention more than usual lately. You know how it is.

In any case, if anyone has anything for Mervin that they've been working on, please let me know! If it's not finished yet, don't worry. You can always post it here when it's complete.

Also--I'm considering lowering the ChipIn amount even further, due to Mervin's new plan to use her dad's insurance. It seems a little much to keep trying to raise $2500 when her plan could cover that. And since donations were optional to begin with, it only makes sense.

Okay, that is all for now! Kermit out.

Mervin can has insurance!
Okay, so anyone who has read Merv's latest post knows that she's taking advantage of COBRA health insurance, which would give her an 18-month window of insured opportunity to get herself checked out once she gets a job. HURRAY!

Which means our ChipIn/donations are kinda redundant at this point.


BUT. I will keep the ChipIn running until July 25, just in case anyone feels like donating. Needless to say, it's not nearly as crucial as before, but if anyone wants to make a monetary contribution in spite of this news, I see no reason to dissuade them. A little will still go a long way, and Mervin can use whatever funds raised however she likes. In this case, it will probably just be a bonus.

The comm will remain open, of course, because this is still a place to support Mervin throughout her journey toward better health.

So. Just letting everyone know how things stand--the donation remains completely optional/less critical than before. Feel free to contribute in whatever way, shape or form you choose. We are all here to give Mervin our love, after all, and you can't put a price on that.

Kermit out!

UPDATE: We have our first donation of $15!

Thank you so much!!!

Now let's keep the ball rolling to reach the goal!

Also, I hate to do this, but I will have to ask you all to keep mum on this community/donation until July 25, not July 1st. I thought about it and it just makes more sense this way. So NOT A WORD TILL 7/25!!!

As you were.

Stupid PayPal!
Okay, I have a confession to make--PayPal confuses the hell out of me.

I have been trying to make a contribution to the ChipIn for twenty minutes now, and every time I try to log into my PayPal account, it tells me I am "logging into the seller for this account" and to try again.

What does that even mean?!

And I've tried using my debit card, but when I enter the information, it tells me I can't log in with the info of someone who is already has a PayPal account. WHO IS ME.

I'm gnashing my teeth over here trying to figure this out. Can anyone offer any PayPal-related advice?

Spreading the word

Hi everybody!

I have alerted zelda_queen , quicksilvermad  and gehayi to the existence of this community. So far, Z and Q have been great and promised to keep this under wraps from Mervin till July 1st, when I plan to reveal this comm to her.


You may be wondering "Why isn't it a secret till July 25?" Well, because I am hoping to have at least a little to show for donations/support on this comm by the time July rolls around. And I just can't wait that long to let Merv know that we all love her and will do anything we can to help her out.

BUT. That still means I don't want one word of this getting back to her before then! Get it? Got it? Good.

I also have to make my own donation to the Mervin Fund. I plan to do so before the week is out. Money's been a little tight for me in the past two weeks, but I can safely donate something this time around.

I'll be sending invites to people this week and next. Please feel free to share these invites with anyone you can think of! Promotion is good!

Love, Kermit


 Hello everyone! Welcome to the community dedicated to helping our mutual friend Das Mervin, known to most as just Mervin. 

I have known Mervin since college, when I began commenting delightedly on her Ariana Black sporkings that she did with Mrs. Hyde. Their combined senses of humor and timing always made my day and distracted me from the hideousness of the Sue in question, and soon after, Mervin and I began YMing with each other. We've been doing so ever since, and occasionally I call her up and say hello. She is a wonderful, sweet person who always makes me laugh, and since she has discovered/fallen hard for Supernatural, now we have even more to talk about.

As you know, if you follow her LJ, Mervin has been having some unsettling heart trouble lately. Since she has no insurance, she's staring down the barrel of a VERY pricey cardiogram. I felt terrible for her when she discussed how expensive even a "steal" can be (about $2500) and I decided to Do Something About It.

So I created a ChipIn at the advice of a friend. is very simply a site where anyone can go and create a donation bar in the name of whatever custom-made cause they choose. Need a new car? Create a ChipIn! Dental bills? ChipIn! Money for a family member or friend in need? You see where I'm going with this.

Here is the link to the ChipIn I have made for her: 

All the money donated goes to my PayPal account, which I will not access until July 25, which is the day the fundraising ends. Every bit of the money raised, even if it's not a full $2500, goes to her. This is completely legitimate and scam-free. On my honor as Mervin's friend and big-time fan of her overall existence, I promise not a penny of this goes towards any personal gain of my own. Mervin needs it more.

So please, visit ChipIn and donate as much or as little as you want! You can even donate multiple times if you like. And spread the word about this most worthy cause!

Also, while you're here, feel free to send good wishes of any kind to Mervin in this time of difficulty!

We have till July 25, people! Let's make every day count.


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